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Why Advertisers Consider JobAdMobile

Location based

Post jobs based on “Location” using LIVE MAP.

Odd Jobs

One-off e.g. helpers for home party, exhibition, roadshow etc.

Flexible Jobs

Flexible time, staggered hours

Full-time Jobs

Full-time employment

Why Job Seekers Prefer JobAdMobile


As easy as touching a smart phone screen.

Higher disposable income

As Job is nearby with less travelling time and expenses

Push Notifications

Go anywhere. We will notify when all new jobs are posted nearby, within a 20km radius and for non-nearby jobs, we will send alerts by matching job category.

About Us

JobAdMobile is mobilizing the way candidates and employers connect. No matter what type of job you are seeking or posting, we deliver local job opportunities to your mobile device. Simply tap into the perfect job or candidate and get down to business. JobAdMobile is literally bringing the jobs to your doorstep. With smart phone push notification and a hassle-free with / without resume platform, locating local opportunity has never been easier.

Your next job is just around the corner!

Full-time, part-time, and even odd jobs have a home on JobAdMobile. We are dedicated to connecting candidates and employers on a local basis to fulfill any position. Not only do we help job seekers and employers to fill-up job vacancies, we go beyond other job sites by providing information of job vacancies in the vicinities of the area that job seekers desire to work. One of the objectives of our location based platform is to help job seekers choose jobs that are closer to home and help employers retain them.

Opportunity awaits.
Simply tap to connect to your local job market, and begin your next step today!

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Basic Ad

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All Prices in US Dollar. Prevailing exchange rate of your local currency applies upon your advertisement posting.
Prices are subjected to change without prior notice

JobAdMobile provides

  • Multiple job ads in different locations
  • Desktop view of all JobAdMobile registered job seekers by location on Real-Time Map
  • Job Ads display by distance of job location. Nearby job seekers can find your job ad easily and your ad will not display at the bottom of a page screen
  • Edit post feature
  • Payment via credit card for all countries (Manual payment in local currency is applicable for selected countries only)
  • Guaranteed minimum applicant or free renewal of same ad for one time
  • Send job invites, chat and get interview confirmation, with only 2 to 5 credits for each accepted invite.
  • Reach Out - Unlimited. Job Ads can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp, WeChat etc by our app users.
  • Check applicant status via Dashboard (Account will become inactive if you don’t sign in for more than 90 days. New account sign up is then required at no fee)
  • Job alerts on mobile through push notification.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Employer (Advertiser) Faq's

Advertiser is If you are looking for employees, then sign up as an Employer. As an Employer, you will be able to post available jobs in your company on our website

Do I need an email account to post job advertisement with JobAdMobile.com?

Yes, you do. We identify our Employer (Advertiser) by email address. If you don’t have an email account, signing-up for an email account is easy and quick, try by creating one with Google here.

How do I post a job advertisement with JobAdMobile.com?

Click on "Post Job Now”.

If I have one job in multiple locations, how many job advertisements do I post?

You need to post one job advertisement for each location as JobAdMobile provides job on location basis using LIVE Map. This is to help job seekers find jobs nearby or close to their home.

If I have multiple jobs at one location, how many job advertisements do I post?

You need to post each job advertisement for one location.

Is there a registration fee to sign-up as an Employer?

No registration fee charged. You will only be charged when you post a job advertisement.

How long will my job advertisement post be displayed at JobAdMobile?

A job advertisement posting will expire based on your advertisement package purchased.

I’m a recruitment agency or headhunter, it is possible to post a job advertisement with JobAdMobile.com?

Yes for sure. Please be reminded to use your client’s working location address when posting a job advertisement as JobAdMobile is a location based app.

Do you accept job advertisement posting from overseas advertisers?

JobAdMobile.com accepts job advertisement posting worldwide.

What is your refund policy?

There is no refund upon receipt of payment.

Is there a standard template for job advertisement posting?

No, it is free format. You may opt to create a job advertisement with text only or text with images in your preferred language. Please refer to our Pricing Schedule..

Why résumé isn’t required?

Everyone seemed to be constrained by time. Job seekers have no time to prepare or update résumé hence Advertiser can begin the process by conducting a phone interview and this offers help to everyone. Subsequently, Advertiser can follow-up with face-to-face interview and required forms.

What if Advertiser still requires résumé?

Should your job nature requires résumé to facilitate the shortlisting process, you may indicate résumé is required in your job advertisement. Advertiser may indicate this in the Job Requirement section.

Jobseeker Faq's

If you are looking for a job, then you may download JobAdMobile from Google Play store. As a Jobseeker, you will be able to apply for the positions in our job listing.

Do I need an email account to apply for job positions with JobAdMobile?

Not necessary unless requested by Employer (Advertiser) after a phone interview.

How do I apply for a job at JobAdMobile?

Please ensure your GPS is turned on as JobAdMobile job advertisement is displayed by location basis. Go to job listing page and select a job nearest to your home location which you are interested in. Then click the ‘Apply’ tab.

What happens after I apply for a job at JobAdMobile?

The respective Employer (Advertiser) will be notified and you will be contacted should the job is still available.

Why I’m unable to view many jobs at my Location?

This could be due to the jobs have been taken up. Suggest Job Seeker to move yourself to another location to view our job listing or please wait for our new product release, “Featured Ad”.

This is my first time applying for an Odd Job, how do I go about it?

Odd job is a one-time (one-off) for a specific duration. Please ensure you clarify with the hiring Employer (Advertiser) the hours/days and salary details before starting work.

Can I have 2 jobs?

You're entitled to work over that (over two jobs) however it’s advisable to check with your primary (main) Employer if there are of any concern.

I’m a foreigner, can I apply for a job?

All foreigners who intend to work must have a valid pass (commonly known as a work visa). Please refer to the Employer (Advertiser).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ - Majikan ( Pengiklan)

Daftarlah ke laman web kami di jobadmobile.com untuk memaparkan iklan pekerjaan.

Adakah saya perlukan akaun emel untuk memaparkan iklan pekerjaan melalui JoAdMobile.com

Ya, anda perlu. Kami mengenalpasti Majikan (Pengiklan) melaui alamat emel. Jika anda tidak mempunyai akaun emel, mendaftar untuk akaun emel adalah mudah dan cepat, cuba wujudkan satu akaun dengan Google here.

Bagaimana saya paparkan iklan pekerjaan dengan JobAdMobile.com?

Klik pada "Post Job Now”.

Jika saya ada satu pekerjaan di beberapa lokasi, berapa banyak iklan pekerjaan yang perlu saya paparkan?

Anda perlu paparkan satu iklan pekerjaan bagi setiap lokasi kerana JobAdMobile menyediakan pekerjaan berasaskan lokasi dengan menggunakan Peta LANGSUNG. Ini adalah untuk membantu pencari kerja mencari pekerjaan berdekatan atau hampir dengan rumah mereka.

Jika saya mempunyai beberapa pekerjaan di satu lokasi, berapa banyak iklan pekerjaan yang perlu saya paparkan?

Anda perlu paparkan setiap iklan pekerjaan bagi satu lokasi.

Adakah terdapat yuran pendaftaran untuk mendaftar sebagai Majikan?

Tiada yuran pendaftaran dikenakan. Anda hanya akan dikenakan caj apabila anda memuatkan iklan pekerjaan.

Berapa lamakah iklan pekerjaan saya dipaparkan di JobAdMobile?

Iklan pekerjaan yang dipaprtkan tempohnya akan tamat berdasarkan pakej iklan yang anda beli.

Saya merupakan agensi pekerjaan atau pencari pekerja, bolehkah saya paparkan iklan pekerjaan dengan JobAdMobile.com?

Ya, sudah tentu. Adalah diingatkan untuk menggunakan alamat lokasi tempat kerja klien semasa memaparkan iklan pekerjaan kerana JobAdMobile adalah aplikasi berasaskan lokasi.

Adakah anda menerima iklan pekerjaan untuk dipaparkan daripada pengiklan luarnegara?

JobAdMobile menerima iklan pekerjaan untuk dimuatkan dari seluruh dunia.

Apakah polisi bayaran balik anda?

Tiada bayaran balik setelah pembayaran diterima.

Adakah terdapat templat standard untuk memuatkan iklan pekerjaan?

Tidak, ianya format bebas. Anda boleh memilih untuk mereka iklan pekerjaan dengan teks sahaja atau teks dengan imej dalam bahasa pilihan anda. Sila rujuk kepada Jadual Harga kami.

Kenapa Resume tidak diperlukan?

Semua orang seolah-olah berkesuntukan masa. Pencari kerja tidak mempunyai masa untuk menyediakan atau mengemaskini resume. Oleh itu Pengiklan boleh memulakan proses dengan menjalankan temuduga melalui telefon dan ia membantu semua orang. Selepas itu, Pengiklan boleh susuli dengan temuduga bersemuka dan borang yang diperlukan.

FAQ- Pencari kerja

Jika anda mencari sesuatu pekerjaan, maka anda boleh memuat turun JobAdMobile daripada stor Google Play. Sebagai seorang Pencari Kerja, anda boleh memohon pekerjaan dalam senarai pekerjaan kami.

Adakah saya memerlukan akaun emel untuk memohon pekerjaan dengan JobAdMobile?

Tidak perlu kecuali diminta oleh Majikan (Pengiklan) selepas temuduga melalui telefon.

Bagaimana saya boleh memohon pekerjaan di JobAdMobile?

Sila pastikan GPS anda dihidupkan kerana iklan pekerjaan JobAdMobile dipaparkan mengikut lokasi. Pergi ke halaman senarai pekerjaan dan pilih pekerjaan yang berdekatan dengan rumah anda yang anda minat. Kemudian klik tab “Mohon”.

Apa akan berlaku selepas saya memohon untuk sesuatu pekerjaan di JobAdMobile?

Majikan (Pengiklan) berkaitan akan dimaklumkan dan anda akan dihubungi jika pekerjaan itu masih ada.

Kenapa saya tidak dapat melihat banyak pekerjaan di Lokasi saya?

Ini mungkin disebabkan pekerjaan itu telah diambil. Cadangkan Pencari Kerja untuk beralih ke lokasi lain untuk melihat senarai pekerjaan kami atau tunggu untuk siaran produk baru kami, “Iklan Khas”.

Ini merupakan kali pertama saya memohon untuk Kerja sambilan, apa yang perlu saya lakukan?

Kerja sambilan adalah sekali sahaja (sekali beri) untuk tempoh tertentu. Sila pastikan anda mendapatkan penjelasan mengenai butiran jam/hari dan gaji daripada Majikan (Pengiklan) yang melantik sebelum memulakan pekerjaan.

Bolehkah saya membuat 2 pekerjaan?

Anda berhak untuk bekerja lebih dari itu (melebihi dua pekerjaan) walaubagaimana pun adalah dinasihatkan untuk menyemak dengan Majikan utama anda jika terdapat sebarang kebimbangan.

Saya merupakan orang asing, bolehkah saya memohon pekerjaan?

Semua orang asing yang ingin bekerja mestilah mempunyai pas yang sah (biasanya dikenali sebagai visa bekerja). Sila rujuk kepada Majikan (Pengiklan).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

常见问题 - 雇主(广告客户)

登入我们的网站,www.jobadmobile.com 刊登招聘广告。


是的。我们是通过电邮地址来确认您的雇主(招聘人)身份。如果您还没有电邮帐户,请立即注册,方法非常简单。您可以尝试在谷歌 here 注册一个帐户。


点击 "Post Job Now”.










当然可以。您只需用您客户的地点刊登招聘广告既可。因为JobAdMobile 是以地点定位作基础的。










如果您正在寻找工作,那么您可以在Google Play Store下载JobAdMobile。作为求职者,您可以通过我们的职务列表申请工作。




首先,您必须启动GPS (全球定位系统),因为JobAdMobile的广告是以定位为基础的。开启程式后,请到职务列表选择靠近您的工作,然后点击“申请”按钮。

在JobAdMobile申请工作后,接下来将会如何 ?



这可能是空缺已被填补。建议求职者移动到另一个地点查看或等待我们的新产品发布 - “精选广告”。

这是我第一次申请散工,我该怎么做呢 ?